Saturday, February 4, 2017

a new mug rug, updating a favorite

I could not help myself!
I made a coordinating mug rug....

Doesn't everybody do that?
 Miss C. made some cute valentine's day cookies
 (from a box mix, she is baking all by herself)
just the perfect touch after a long day at work.

I mixed linen and various prints from the Aria collection,
since I purchased a few fat quarters....

You might recognize the design of this mug rug,

as I have made many versions of that pattern.

You can follow my tutorial if you are interested,
it is an easy project, the quilting is the longest part,
but still pretty fast.

Mug rugs are the perfect size to try a new technique.
I like this echo quilting on the diagonal, 
this time I did a better job than previously,
so no matter how many I make, there is still room for improvement!

Luckily we spill a lot, so there is always a need for more!

Happy sewing!


  1. I've never heard of a mug rug before. Is that sort of like a coaster? Or is it the same thing? I think that it is a way better idea than a coaster though! My glass coasters always stick to the bottom of the mug when you lift it. Then they come clattering down onto the table when they fall off. The mug also doesn't really fit on the round coaster so the cup tips, or it slides about all over the place. I think I need some mug rugs! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Hi Ginnie, yes it is like a large coaster, with space for a drink and a snack..since it is always better together! These are also very absorbing so very forgiving in case of spills or condensation. I like to use the heat shield batting , so it can be used for hot drink too!
      they are great project to use a lot of little pieces of fabric....


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