Monday, December 18, 2017

a warm scarf, teenager approved!

Do you find yourself with limited time for sewing
and in need of some homemade gifts?
What about a picky teenager?
Then this is the gift for you,
well actually for him/her:
a cool scarf!

This was Star Wars weekend, so a Wader T-shirt was a necessity!

It just took me a couple hours to sew it,
and that includes hand sewing the button and snaps
(no, there are no buttonholes!)

I followed this tutorial from We Can Make Anything,
using some sweatshirt fabric (from JoAnn I think),
and a cool button that I brought back from Brittany,
I am sure I am not the only one that visits fabric stores on vacation....

And the best part?
Brick Master actually loves it,
and has been wearing for the past couple weeks!

It went so well, I am planning on making a few more...

Happy sewing!

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