Thursday, February 10, 2011

boxes, more boxes and a missed anniversary!

Thank you for all your kind words
and thoughts for Miss C.
she is doing great and has recovered fast,
she has been back to her old self for the last 5 days,
running, dancing, jumping,
a healthy 6 year old!

The move went as well as possible,
and since I was at the hospital when the house
was been packed, I did not get too stressed about it!
It was our first time been moved professionally,
a little weird but so much easier.

We are all getting used to our new location
and house, the kids like their new school,
the dogs are doing well with a much smaller yard,
probably happy to be done with the torture of moving.
If you have dogs, you need to read this article:
it is so true, I laught so hard, I cried,
well it could also have been the stress!

 I have been unpacking boxes after boxes....
I will admit, I might have a few too many crafting supplies!
Space is here a lot tighter than in Ohio,
I better get creative in my organization/storage.

As I was making crepes for la chandeleur
(late, I could not find any pan!)
I realized I created my blog a year ago and
totally missed the date....oh well
there is always next year!

Happy day!


  1. So happy to hear Miss C is recovering so well! Best wishes and many blessings as you unpack and begin to make memories in your new home!

  2. Yay ! Glad your princess is doing good... and that your move went well :)


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