Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new house

I liiiive!
(think Mushu from Mulan!)

I have been very busy setting up the house,
there will be no sewing for quite some time!

This picture is where my craft space started,
but soon we realized that Miss C.'s bedroom heater
was not really working,
so we play the switch room game,

it was all crazy messy all over again!
I am sure I will be able to keep warm!

I do not like the color of this room,
but painting will have to wait.

First let's go back to the beginning
and have a look at the new house!

It was built in 1966,
much older than our previous house in the Midwest,
but a little younger than our first house
in the southwest.

I am not sure if it is the boxiness,
the power lines, or all the trees that surround us,
but the new house feels like home,
a lot more than our previous mac mansion!
(not that we could have a house like that here!)

The outside lacks personality,
like it got its foundation on,
but forgot to put mascara and lip gloss!
But at least it has some make-up,
here are some pictures of the similar houses au natural:

Not that they are bad, but I like not seeing all
the different materials that have been used in the house.
I also enjoy the new double pane windows,
it has been cold here!

The door color needs to change,
and it definitively needs some accent color,
I am not quite sure what would work yet,
also it has to be a cheap make-over,
we lost so much money on the previous house!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Unpacking it worse than packing !!
    Bienvenue dans la region. J'epere que nous pourrons nous receontrer quand tu seras installee


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