Friday, February 25, 2011

new house: the main room

While I still have no real idea where
I went to take the outside of the house,
I am ready to take care of the inside.

So let me introduce you to the main room.
It is a large L shape space,
off the kitchen.

(this door is the back door, to the deck)

As you can see, in the back there is a huge built-in,
with a large opening for TV (older, smaller TV).
Originally, since our TV did not fit,
we thought we could make that part of the room,
our office/computer area. 

While I liked the look
(just remove the mess/boxes, then you can see it,
maybe squint a little, then look again!)
the other side of the room did not work at all,
too many couches, not enough walls!

and a huge brick fire place
(the picture came with the house)
I like the old, retro vibe of the fire place,
so square and rough!

We had no option but to move furniture around,
it felt like those puzzles where you move one piece a little so
that you can move another piece, and move it again....
It was a very crowded place,
with nothing in its proper place
and 2 big dogs under foot
(worried, are we moving again?
they will need therapy!)

This is where we settled, and found our marks.
The office/computer desk is now across the fire place,
with the 2 cigar chairs.

The TV was mounted to the wall,
and sticks out a little of the rectangle opening,
but within acceptable parameters.

And the rest of the furniture found its place.
Do you see that weird looking wall on the right side of the picture?
Well I think it is a cool feature,
but you will have to wait a little longer to see it!

Now that we are happy with the placement,
it is time to address color and window treatment.

I am not a fan of rods attached just outside of the window,
I like them close to the ceiling,
and I like them bigger than those little white things!

I am I guess "a curtain snob",
well since it is my house (in 30 years)
and that they are on every window,
I took them down,
every single one!

And this is what you get,
after unscrewing these rods,
plenty of little holes and paint marks everywhere!

Oh well, nothing some sparkling cannot fix!
And since I think that yellow does not look good with the fire place bricks,
I will be repainting anyway!

Guess what color I chose?

Happy day!

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