Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mini musketeer

Yesterday I showed you
Miss C. in her pink musketeer costume.
so today here is the doll version:

I used the same fabrics,
just a little more silver satin
as I was out of pink satin
(and still not buying fabric!)

The design is very similar:
skirt, corset and cape.

But the shirt is different, it is more like a dress,
with a white band at the bottom,
it makes it look like a petty coat.

I used the same pattern than for the witch costume,
for the dress and corset.
For the skirt, I followed my own tutorial on dolly skirt.

The cape is just a rectangle with a silver band
appliqued on the back,
just like Miss C.'s cape.
Both are attached with snaps,
so easily removable...
just in case of danger like in "The Incredibles"

So here are my two pinkies,
ready for action!

Happy sewing !


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