Sunday, November 11, 2012

updating the kitchen part II

Not only did my parents help me with the upper cabinets in the kitchen,
they also helped me with the island.
It is a nice size, at almost 60" wide,
but the front was very plain.
Besides the countertop, it is the largest surface in the kitchen,
it is pretty much the first thing you see when you enter the room.
So we thought of ways to dress it up.
Once again after finding images from blogs,
especially this tutorial from KrisKraft,
we were set to go, with my mom as the design consultant, my dad as the wood expert 
and me as the helper/translator!
Here is what we came up with:

I know, right now it looks like an old station wagon wood paneling part,
but once it is patched up, sanded, caulked, primed and painted,
it should be quite a statement for the kitchen!
Here is what we started with:

There was no baseboard, just a quarter round,
and some poorly attached corner pieces (not made of wood)
that did not match in color the stained plywood.

So we started by taking everything off, and we renailed the back to the island.
Then we glued and nailed some proper baseboard, we kept it simple,
I like straight line, simple design.
We installed some corner trim, wider than the original, with a little design detail.

After that, we used 1 3/4" wide lattice that we glued and nailed to the island 
to form a square and rectangle pattern.

A similar design was used on the sides of the island except there is no square,
just rectangles since we could not keep the same spacing on the sides!

The after is still missing one piece of wood on the side,
there was a mistake at the store, one piece was 1 1/2" instead of 1 3/4".

So now that I am left on my own, I need to finish all the details.
Working alone might take longer, especially with the help of the puppy,
everything is just so interesting to her,
she will probably gain some more white on her black and white coat!
This will not be the last time!

Happy day!

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