Saturday, November 3, 2012

it was a fun Halloween

Halloween turned out nicely,
even after a week end of getting ready for the storm,
and waiting 2 days wondering how things would turn out.
Well there was a leak in the roof and the sump pump got tired (and the basement moist!),
but we kept our power and no tree felt down,
so we did OK, I guess having a few trees cut earlier in the fall paid off!

The kids were able to enjoy their trick-or-treating outing,
Brick master went for the first time with his friends without any adult,
he is growing up!

He wore his favorite knight costume.
At the renaissance fair this year, he purchased a new wooden sword,
he is now fully equipped with a dagger, a sword, a shield and a helmet,
all of them purchased at renaissance fair, one item at a time!
If you are wondering, yes we are those kind of people
and yes he has a passion for History and weapons, of course!
I made his "flag" a few year ago before redoing his costume
and switching his color!

Earlier, while I posted the dolls'Halloween,
I mentioned that Miss C. wanted a werewolf costume.
I made her a warm one piece costume out of fleece and faux-fur
using pattern McCall 6106, I had used it before for her Kangaroo costume.
With her dad, she worked hard on making a mask.
Mon Cheri enjoys working with leather, so they chose that medium for the mask,
it looked really good until the puppy got hold of it and ate it!

There were a lot of tears, it was unfixable and we did not have enough time
to make a new one.
So Miss C. decided to go as Katniss, the heroine of the Hunger games.
(it must be a cultural phenomena as she has not read the book or watched the movie!)

Luckily we had pretty much all we needed to dress up,
a good thing since we had no time left (the dog ate the mask Halloween morning!)
She wore her boots, black leggings and shirt,
her brother's jacket inside out and his belt,
and I braided her hair on the side, I printed out a picture of the mocking jay pin.
She used her own little wood knife, Mon Cheri made her a bow using a stick from the back yard.
Her outfit was complete, it must have worked,
people knew who she was!

Oh she was fierce!

Happy day!

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