Thursday, April 21, 2016

outdoor dining {One Room Challenge} week three

Wow, this One Room Challenge is keeping me pretty busy!
Luckily this week end, the weather was perfect,
and quite a lot of work was done.
Last week I only made a little table,
this week I made a bench
and the beginning of a table.
I wish I was further along but considering 
all that was required to get it started, it is not bad at all!
See 2 years ago, we tiered down our old deck,
and instead of throwing away all that wood,
we kept the non rotten wood.
With that wood we built some firewood storage
and a bike shed for the kids.
We also built a outdoor couch,
a potting bench and a huge flower bed on the side of the house.
Now most of that wood is gone,
the neighbors are happy about that, it was not pretty 
and a few creatures found it the right place to hang out, 
I am talking about you, little snake, the bunnies are welcome to stay...
What we had left were these 2 benches:
old pictures from the alleged backyard...
When we took everything apart, we just cut off the bench at the base of the deck
and they have been waiting for us to play with their wood,
and play we did!
It required a crow bar and a hammer, and a fair amount of sweat,
but we got all the wood we needed for the bench and table.
Of course the wood is old, and has quite a few holes,
but it is done warping and it is still very sturdy.
I followed this plan from Ana White for the bench,
and this one for the table.
They are the same design, which is why I started with the bench,
mistakes are easier to fix on small scale....
On my first try, I cut the board at a 10 degree angle,
and not a bevel 10 degree angle!
I did not even know I could tilt the saw that way, big aha moment...
Anyway if the weather hold, I am planning on finishing the table this week end,
well the assembling part, before there is still a fair amount of sanding to do before 
anybody feels like eating at that table...

We found a cool light for the outdoor, so hopefully Mon Cheri will have time to install it,
I am good at wood and fabric, not so with electricity or plumbing,
it is OK we are a team, right?!

I am so glad I went to the store to chose it,
otherwise I would have probably chosen the smaller one,
and I think it would have been to small for the wall.
It should arrive later this week, may be on time for the week end....

Oh yeah, there is also painting to take care of...
dirt and drainage to address, the grass that needs to grow....
the list goes on!

There are a few more weeks!


  1. What fantastic progress! I've never used a power saw, so I'm impressed with these projects. Everything seems to be coming along beautifully for you.

  2. Hi Leslie, thank you, I am pretty happy of the progress but not looking forward to all that sanding!
    I use a miter saw, less scary than a regular saw....and there are no little children around me, just an obnoxious dog.

  3. This is so much fun to follow your progress! You are well on your way and everything is lovely.
    I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  4. Wow, love the furniture you've built! Your patio is going to be wonderful!

  5. Thank you Lisa!
    I hope to make good progress this week end.
    Good luck with your bathroom update.


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