Tuesday, May 7, 2019

the farm quilt: the beginning

I started a new quilt, a farm quilt:

for my niece E.
it was before her birth in 2017:

While she is little (just 16 months old), she "needs" a bigger girl quilt!

at that same age (who is now 18!) so a few year ago ;)

Well this quilt will be quite different as it is a farm quilt,
so no wild animal, but still some animals!

And some buildings because the people need to live somewhere:

like those cute children!
I love adding people/things in the windows,
like in the barn;

2 dogs and a little mouse!

The patterns for most of the blocks will come from "Farm Girl Vintage"

I received that book a couple of years ago
and only made one block:

I am quickly catching up quickly,
and I am planning on making the quilt 5 by 7,
(5 blocks per row, 7 rows)
so I need to make 35 blocks.

They are all 6 inches x 6 inches, perfect size.
There will be 1 inch sash between all the blocks,
which is why I already sewed one band  on the left side of each block.

And because it is an American quilt,
it needs a mini American flag:

I am making blocks without real order,
just making the ones that I like,
just like this milk can.

I am trying to make everything very scrapy,
and it is quite a challenge for me!

I am also adding some blocks that are not in the book,
like this cake stand,

My cake is birthday cake flavor,
which is cute and tasty (at least according to kids)
but the dots are so far apart,
it does not look at good at the base of the cake...

Five down,
thirty more to go!

Happy sewing!

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