Friday, January 8, 2021

a play diaper bag with all the necessities

For my niece E's birthday,
I sewed her a diaper bag with all the necessities:
diapers, bib, diaper pad, wipes and toy!

Just like I did for my niece K when she was a toddler,
a while ago as she is 10 this year!

I followed my own tutorial from Paris bag to make the bag,
using only happy, pretty fabric:

Then I played with more pretty fabric,
and sewed a diaper pad
and wipes of course.

The wipe container is fleece and the wipes are flannel.
(Here for my previous pad and wipes)

No diaper bag would be complete with multiple diapers,
with adjustable Velcro,
perfect for various doll sizes,

a bib and a little toy with many tags!

And it all fits very nicely in the bag,
perfect for any doll lover!

Happy sewing!

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