Monday, June 28, 2010


Today the kids and I
got ready to celebrate
the 4th of July.

Not being a citizen does not mean
that I do not celebrate the holiday,
it means I do it twice!

I saw a while ago this post
and I did not get it....
I know, so slow.
Somehow today, I read it again,
and it totally made sense:

making flag out of 2 x4 is a great idea!

and I have plenty on hand!
While the kids decided on the paper,
I did some cutting and sanding.

With one 2 x 4, we did 3 flags.
We used less than half of a sheet of paper in each color.
So a very economical project.

Miss C. did a good job with the gluing,
mod podge is really great!
and after some more sanding,
I wrote the message
(less fancy than in the directions!)
and we glued some stars.

We did not have any ribbon,
but we have plenty of fabric,
some I cut some fabric on the bias
to wrap it all up.

Tomorrow, we will give the 2 extra ones
to some friends!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Now that the American spirit. Good for you! Have a great day crafting up more of these unusual flags.



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