Friday, January 6, 2012

working on the kitchen

When we moved last year in our "new" 1960 house,
it was a little hard to say goodbye to our brand new kitchen
from our previous house, after all we had refinished just months before moving.
We had done all the work ourselves, except for the installation of the granite,
many hours were spent planning, building cabinets,
finding best deals on appliances and countertops.

It turned into our dream kitchen that now somebody else enjoys....
but having a job rates much higher than cool kitchen!

And the kitchen in this house is not bad at all,
just not quite "us",
which is OK, I like to add our touch to our houses.

here are a couple pictures, right after we moved,
well not really right after, let's say a few weeks after.

You can still GBD in the middle picture!
Oh I miss my dog, it has been 6 months already....

Like I wrote previously not bad at all,
it had been obviously updated, the cabinets are recent,
and the black granite pretty much new.
The eat-in part is large and sunny.
The kitchen was yellow, just like the rest of the house,
which I had painted a beautiful green.
Well not only I really did not enjoy the yellow before,
but with the green next to it, it looked really bad.
I had really no choice but to repaint the kitchen!

I struggled for a while with the paint color,
I liked gray but it made the room feel cold.....
then I found the fabric for the curtains at IKEA:

It looked modern and retro, it was perfect for a very square house,
and the colors were perfect to go with my favorite picture of St Malo.
So I took one of the color from the fabric and repainted the kitchen.
You can see that there is so yellow in the fabric, yes the irony!

It was the beginning of a great kitchen,
and it looks prefect with the green from the living room.

Next making some curtains,
fixing molding, appliances breakdown,
the suspense is intense!
It is a very long project!

Happy day!

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