Wednesday, March 11, 2015

e-reader cover

 I sewed this cute cover over the week end for my sister, she has a small e-reader (French size, not compatible with US cover). She gave me the dimension and I made a simple tight fitting cover, similar this one from this tutorial.

To make it my own way, I sewed the cover using a quilt-as-you-go technique. It is easy and fast.
Here is how I made the cover:

I started with a piece of cotton batting, larger than needed, and put down the 1st piece and quilted it. Then I added another piece, and with right sides together, I sewed the seam between them, through the batting. I ironed the new piece flat and quilted it. I continued this way until the entire batting was covered.

I trimmed it to size, and cut the lining the same size out of another print.
I added a little stamped applique, a little trade mark of mine.

I attached a hair elastic on the top, in the center of the back side, I love this closing technique and I have been using it successfully for many years, like on my little girl purses and other pouches.
Then I sewed the quilted fabric and the lining together along the top side.

I folded the combined fabric in half and sewed all around leaving an opening along the side of the lining (I do not like to leave the opening on the bottom).

I turned everything inside out and closed the opening on the lining.

I stuffed the lining inside and top stitched the edge.

Now all that is left is sewing a button on the top to close with the elastic, which I forgot to do before taking the pictures, but not before sending it to my sister!

Oh well!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Looks great! My favorite piece is the little bit of hedgehog fabric followed closely behind by the eye glasses.


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