Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sewing configuration book

Every year for my Mom’s birthday, I have fun coming up with some sewing related present, and this year, I think it is another great one: a book.

Not any kind of book, not one of these boring book with words (!) but one full of little trinkets and mementos! I started out with a Tim Holtz configuration book and collected treasures to fill it all. Besides all the sewing related items I was able to find to decorate the box (scissors, initial, bobbins, thimble….) I was able to use copies of a true family heirloom: my grandmother pattern drafting school drawings. I have her notebooks from her classes, they probably date from before WWII.
I scanned a few pages and printed reduced versions to use in the book. 

so cute, right?!
I covered the box with scrapbooking paper, and I used some linen for the spine. To decorate the cover of the book,  I started with a mini version of my grandma’s page, and layered gently with some lace, linen spool, stamp, buttons and mini cardboard tiles spelling sewing studio in French.

I used various paper inside the individual boxes, I only covered the back and bottom
and used washi tape on the edges as suggested by Tim Holtz.
It finishes everything very nicely.
I dye cut a dress form out of cardboard, linen and wood veneer,
and layered them. I added a little French lace to the collar,
leaving the rest just simple.

I used one of my stamped sign on some felt, and glued a little bobbin.
The scissors are not real, they are just the right side for that little cubby!

For the inside page, I used another copy of my grandma drafting drawing,
attached to the page with washi tape.
A little lace and a tiny cupcake finish the page,
keeping simple.

Here are some of the other sewing related presents I made for my mom's bday
over the last few years:

Bon anniversaire Maman

Happy day!


Merci pour vos commentaires, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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