Tuesday, December 15, 2015

coffee table inspiration

A few weeks ago, Mon Cheri and I treated ourselves to a new couch for our anniversary.
We had dreamed about it for a while, our previous couch had served us well but was worn out…
We knew what we were looking for, and we totally fall in love with the PB Chesterfield.
 It is beautiful, large and comfortable, it has a low profile (perfect for our large window) 
and extremely large arms.

What does not really work in our new living room is our coffee table!
(and the rug, but I will deal with that later!)
Well technically it is not a coffee table, and was never purchased for that activity,
it was a great tv stand in our previous house in the Midwest.
When we moved to the DC area, we needed one, and since we had already too much furniture,
 we repurposed it to coffee table. It is quite long and narrow, but doing the job well enough.

But now with our new couch, it is not cutting it out anymore.
So I started looking around for the perfect coffee table,
 and I was surprised by how expensive they are,
and how they never seem to work quite right in our space.
 I must admit that I never purchased a coffee table before,
 when we lived in the Southwest, the house was too small to have one,
 in the Midwest, the children and dogs needed all the floor space they could get!

The things I am looking for are a vintage look, but new, and a little industrial,
but not too much, easy right?
Oh and well-made and not too expensive,
 I have already blown my budget on the couch.
I also considered building one myself, I have all the necessary tools,
 and they are quite a few cool plans out there that appeal to me.
But then I realized, the coffee table we have right now is really just the right size,
it just needs a little help so it can be what I would like….

Here is what I see happening: remove the feet, and install major wheels,
paint the base white (painting laminate might not be too easy!) and add a wood top…

I am not sure if it will work out at all, if the base will be sturdy enough to attach the wheels,
 if the table is too narrow….
In the worst case scenario, I will have to build it from scratch and give away the TV stand.

Either way, I will be getting a set of wheels for Christmas!

Happy day!

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