Monday, April 4, 2011

pajama day

A few days ago, I was writing
about not sewing for my big boy,
well I was mistaken!
This week end I made him
2 flannel PJ bottom
and 1 short PJ bottom!

And just in time as today is
PJ day at school.

and I really mean just in time:
here are the previous PJ I made

this boy has been growing some legs!

I used some flannels I purchased a while ago,
as in at least last winter if not the winter before,
in an effort to use my stash!

I used the top and bottom flannels
keeping the middle one for when those legs get even longer!

The PJ pants are so fast and easy,
it basically takes longer to make the pockets
than to sew the entire pants!
The model I chose has a cargo pocket and 2 back pockets,
not necessarily useful but a nice details.

Here is the back of the summer version I made,
using a light cotton madras,
that I purchased last summer,
I am really catching up on my belated sewing!
I cut the pocket on the bias to make them more
 interesting on the plaid.
Here is a close-up of the pocket,
I like doing a little triangle to reinforce the pocket,
I feel it adds a nice detail, if only for me!

The best part:
the goofy smile of Brick Master!

Happy sewing!

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