Saturday, December 1, 2018

The fantastic beasts advent calendar

Here is my newest advent calendar,
just for Miss C. as she is a huge fan of fantastic beasts
and the Hogwarts world:

and best part: she loves it!

You might ask how this is a fantastic beasts advent calendar
and not just a Hogwarts calendar....
well it comes with a suitcase full of surprises!

Just like Newt!
And one of these packages could contain a niffler....!

I used a wood coat hanger to attach all the tags and gifts of the advent.
All of them were made from craft paper tags, mini pouches and lunch bags
(from the craft store, not actual lunch bag, much thicker paper)
they were partially covered by some wrapping paper from the container store,
it reminded me of Patronus!

Some gifts were a little too big for the bags and pouches,
 so they only have a tag on the hanger and are stored in the suitcase.

The embroidery pattern is from Flamingo toes,
a mix of applique and embroidery

it is a fairly easy project,
but somehow my embroidery is a little messy,
maybe this linen was not the best support,
it has a very homemade feeling!

But now the really important part: what is inside?

Miss C. sees herself as belonging to the Slytherin House,
so lots of green!
And after seeing Leta Lestrange, what's not to love?

And today, for December 1st, she will receive the book
"Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald".

A great beginning to this fantastic beasts advent calendar!

Happy Day!

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